2 Questions actually, idk If I can do this but yeah

Will there be any way of making our own servers in ATT instead of them being controlled by you guys ??. Meaning that instead of you guys always fixing people’s servers there could be a way for us, the players, to use some program to make a computer to be a server and to be able to manage everything instead of it falling on your shoulders. Therefore, we players, could be able to do “super servers” (for example since it already exists: Minecraft, DayZ, Arma 3, FiveM, CSGO, Rust, Valheim, Pavlov VR, etc.)
Opening possibilities to make a server with 32 Players

I think it should remain as it is soo people that do not understand how to make a server can buy “Supporter” and make a server without problems. But I think it should be possible to make a server for free with a spare machine.

(I made the math and is not perfect but and I see that you guys don’t do that much with this supporter thing that’s why I believe it is possible to make this idea come true)

And will the game be moddable freely?? Not through the console, but yes indeed through codding
Making possible to create new mobs and new items or even new maps

If not I think you guys should consider it because people would come and create and enjoy. Establishing a bigger community (e.g: Just look at Project Zomboid, Before their major update the game, with the possibility of making mods/maps the game was with a total of 7-8k from august to November. After their major update the game exploded with a total now of 40k-50k players a day around, their major update was the multiplayer and the ability to buy servers).

Not saying that ATT would reach this number but definitely would be a boost. (I’m currently studying at university and at the course “Computer Games Design” therefore I believe in the stuff that I’m talking about. I’m not saying that numbers and money is not the main focus, but it sure helps.)

Biography: Steamchart Numbers from Project Zomboid.

We can already do bits of this, but this is limited because the devs are still laying down the foundation of the game (still pre-alpha).

This is already possible, except for the quest, the limitation is the quest 1 hardware, quest 2 can handle that much players but Oculus say that the game needs to work on both quests.

Now for the rest, the answer is simple: cosmetics.

Take Minecraft for example, you can host your own server on Java, but you can’t host your own server on Bedrock, you need to pay for Minecraft realms or the marketplace, because Bedrock sells skins and Java you can just download skins.
So if people are able to host ATT servers on their machine, they can bypass the store for cosmetics and that would remove the income of the devs.

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The game makes no sense on being in pre-alpha since it has been released 5-6 years ago. About that Minecraft example makes no sense because you with a spare machine can create a bedrock edition server or even if you want, you can create a java edition and enable crossplay enabling the bedrock players join the same server. For the rest: Cosmetics, makes no sense because that is through paying while makes no sense to pay for a rock to then put that rock in your server. I haven’t tried the quest 2 servers but on pc, they already feel like crap. With 13 players at the same time, I went to the mines and I could kill the Turabadas staying still looking to them because the server was that laggy indeed. The same night in the spare time of 2 Hours that server crashed 3 times. Again I have not tried the oculus servers because of the missing content that there is, the major differences that there is too, etc. Therefore I can’t talk about them.

“So if people are able to host ATT servers on their machine, they can bypass the store for cosmetics and that would remove the income of the devs”

  • Yes it would, but definitely would raise the player base. And it’s not as if you guys already receive that much money because of cosmetics. With the player base going down each day I don’t see you guys living with cosmetics. In the future with a much higher player base I could believe but now I don’t. From the fact that Supporter gives a server and taking into count that there is 20 servers in pc - Then 20x9.99$ = 199.8$. Then in Oculus since the game is paid makes more sense you guys making more money. Not to mention that when you buy the game you receive a free server.

“Bedrock, you need to pay for Minecraft realms or the marketplace, because Bedrock sells skins and Java you can just download skins”

  • You can indeed download skins to bedrock… I have that edition… do your research before saying random stuff…

Not trying to look rude, but only justifying your facts.

PS: a game in pre-alpha you guys would be releasing leaks of new content each week (or at least each month, to hype your player base) and not worrying about the cosmetics stuff. Not even releasing the game to the quest 2 since it’s still not even finished.

Edit1: Not to mention the fact that you did not responde to my 2nd question of if the game could be modded freely…

First off, i’m not a dev, for clarification, just a supporter that talks alot with the devs.
Supporter count is somewhere in the 600 to 800 people, most don’t even use their server.

5 a 6 years ago the prototype released, 4 years ago ATT official released and in those 3 years of the 4 they were developing the random generation code, keep in mind this project started with only 3 people and a year ago it was only 9 people, now they got 21 devs.

This bug has been fixed.
But the server crashing is something they are looking into (the server you play on don’t got any invisible, shirtless or skirtless people running around right?).

Ok the minecraft comparing thing was a bad example, but people can do it when they can host their own server and if cosmetics become free, who is going to buy cosmetics anymore and that will shut down the income for the devs completely.

You did asked more then 2 questions and for that i do not know if modding becomes a thing, i asked the devs about it and they said it too soon to say anything about it.

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Then my bad because I thought you were a dev xD

About that dev count, sorry but I’m not really sure that it is right since on the township tale website it is saying or atleast showing a total of: 13 devs.

I understand that the project started with 3 to 4 people 4 years ago. But it can’t be called pre-alpha. If it was REALLY a pre-alpha a shitload of content would be releasing and cosmetics would not be a thing still. But in this subject, it’s only my opinion.

About the server crashing there wasn’t people without clothes simply the server was overloaded with mobs, players and loot on the floor.

“Ok the minecraft comparing thing was a bad example, but people can do it when they can host their own server and if cosmetics become free, who is going to buy cosmetics anymore and that will shut down the income for the devs completely.”

  • About this point that you made. It’s not about the cosmetic stuff that I’m talking about but yes indeed of creating my own stuff, creating my own land, modding monsters to add to the game, modding new weapons, etc. But as you said that is still too early to talk about.
  • People can’t mod with their own server. They can add stuff to the world through a 3rd party program made by some fan. They can use console commands, but that’s not modding…

I did indeed asked more than 2 question because I would like to know the road that this game is taking.

Edit1: Forgot to mention that if there was already 21 devs it would make no sense for @RealAtla be looking for a programmer developer or a 2d concept artist…

Edit2: Not to mention that the A township tale Major Update was awhile ago so I don’t really know how much the game will support till the playerbase fades away even more. One of the players that I played he said that it has been 8 months without an update, but from what I have seen is that the last “Major Update” was called “An Optimization Tale” and it was on the 7 of August of 2019. I know that the devs have been focusing on Oculus Version therefor I honestly don’t know how long will this game keep up. Assuming this from the point that in the press kit is saying that the unique coder is Joel.

– “An Optimization Tale” - An Optimization Tale | Tales of The Township'
– Number Count of the Devs in “A Township Tale”: - https://presskit.townshiptale.com/

A shitload of content was releasing, but then the quest came in place causing updates to stop so they could work on a quest build and later changing the code to be the same as pc (currently the devs are prepping/adding that merge code).

If people can run the server on their end they can look into the game code and all the cosmetics are in there and you can currently extract those cosmetic files, some are doing that for VRChat or some funny stuff

Timo (CEO) said that he would like 40 devs on the team, compare that to Call of Duty that got 300+ devs.

Last major update was the forest in the summer of 2020 and the last medium update was the combat trials at the start of 2021.

Also those blogs are heavy outdated, this is the official ALTA website Home - Alta (altavr.io).

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By what standard is it not Pre-Alpha?? DO you understand what you’re saying?

A Pre-Alpha version of a piece of software is a version which is incomplete and is not usually released to the public. During this stage developers are still deciding what features they want in their program/game. This is the first stage of software development and comes before the Alpha stage.

Rather than quote the Alpha definition for context, here’s the summarized TL;DR: bug fixing and polishing MOSTLY, if not entirely.

The devs have a to-do list a mile long, and only the bare bones obvious basics completed for their game. They want magic, mechanical interactions, dungeons, their current new content priority is permanently established player housing, I could write a whole website about their plans and stuff they might do.

For a better, more modern comparison than Minecraft: Star Citizen began in 2012 ($400mil crowd funded, went alpha 2016). That game was started 10 years ago. There are supposedly almost 15 million unique players.

Edit: HOWEVER while the game is old; Cloud Imperium Games (Star Cit. Devs) has/had 604 staff to Alta’s <30 people and only recently expanded, so you can imagine they(CIG) have made a LOT more code (than Alta) with 20x more workers.

" First playable

The first playable is the game version containing representative gameplay and assets, this is the first version with functional major gameplay elements. It is often based on the prototype created in pre-production. Alpha and first playable are sometimes used to refer to a single milestone, however, large projects require first playable before alpha. The first playable occurs 12 to 18 months before code release. It is sometimes referred to as the “Pre-Alpha” stage.


See also: Alpha release

Alpha is the stage when key gameplay functionality is implemented, and assets are partially finished. A game in alpha is feature complete, that is, the game is playable and contains all the major features. These features may be further revised based on testing and feedback. Additional small, new features may be added, similarly planned, but unimplemented features may be dropped. Programmers focus mainly on finishing the codebase, rather than implementing additions.

Code release, freeze, gold master, is not really used in the industry, one thing that is missing is the post mortem.

Don’t quote stuff that was fan-made. I know Wikipedia is not really the most viable but at least it’s not fan-made. - Video game development - Wikipedia

Edit1: I agree that devs have stuff to do, I don’t agree that releasing that game as it is to quest was the smartest idea. About the team, I have nothing to do with that. I don’t agree that the game is still called Pre-Alpha. Like DayZ for example that stayed in early access for a ton of time (I think it was 6-8 years don’t know exacly and did not search) while everyone knew that the game was no more in early access.

Edit2: In case you want a more realiable source to tell you that this game is not anymore in pre-alpha, tell me that I will find the powerpoints that my teachers made to show you. (Which they are more than a reliable source)

The cosmetics team and the dev team are two entirely different departments. If the art team just stopped making cosmetics, that doesn’t mean development would go by faster.

That’s like saying that if you’re at a McDonald’s and the people in the kitchen all went on break then the service would be faster.

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