3 ways i think server moderation can improve, and how griefing and trolling can be controlled

youtubers are literally killing the servers with so many newcomers from time to time, its not a bad thing, since it means more people are gonna come to the game, but from all good things bad arrives and that’s where the latest community discussions come in, younger minds disrupting the law around the town, from poisoning others to stealing stuff, here is my list of suggestions and how its applied to improve the automatic security system of ATT’s Co-Op servers.

  1. Poisoning Punishment
    This is how it works, if you poison someone you get kicked from the server before the poison is applied, i have never seen or used poison so i have no idea if its instant or it takes a while like the teleportation potions, but because its a big deal i decided to mention this alternative anyways.

  2. Party System
    Im using @Linvxx Party System idea but adding a few things, these are, only being able to take items from party members, only being able to be fed and be able to drink potions from only party members

  3. Quick Settings Menu and a Mute Option
    so this would be a new option from the quick menu, it spawns a frame and here you would be able to toggle PvP (when a fight is not being active), toggle others being able to give you food and drinking potions and collissions with others, also a mute menu button where you point at someone then press a trigger and that person is muted, unmuted the same way.

let me know what you think!

I don’t really like these but it may be because I have personally never seen any greifing on US or AUS

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I think the PvP toggle might be the best out of them, though the psrty one isn’t have bad.

There could alway be a playtime limit before someone can do these things so that it weeds out a lot of trouble makers that either leave after seeing they can’t kill or steal, and the people that learn better after enough play time, that or a rep system.

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