A contract system

a way to make an acual econemy and not a i’ll do ya a solid politic using contracts so people get paid for their profession

Core concept
in your menu there could be a contract hub with what you have to make and what is being offered for it.
once done you put the contract in the mailbox as “address” and put the item that has been requested in the box. if the item is equal to what has been asked your mailbox closes and you receive the payment in your mail. (so payment is in advantage)

I think people have already suggested a simpler and better version of this where there is a job board where people could put requests on it and how much they will pay for it, which the person then can turn in if they have what is being requested, this is also a lot more in game than what you suggested which the devs seem to prefer (like we don’t have an inventory screen, or see damage we deal float in the air).

I can’t seem to find the post since I don’t remember what words were used to refer to a job board.

And also we don’t need contracts to do in person trades, that makes no sense.


Yep, good idea, but not the best implementation. I don’t want an interface that you just open up, it has to be a real physical object like everything else in ATT. They could honestly just add functionality to the trade decks where you request an item for a price and that would work well enough, but I would prefer they added a thing specifically for requesting items.

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Yeah this is what I’m talking about, kinda. Trading decks might not be the best for it (lots you would have to add to it so you could just buy a sword with some parameters which would most likely be better fit for like a requests board you can deal with while making a piece of paper with the request, but either way it just fits better as something in the game then some menu option.