A Cursed Maze

We need another challenging activity beside the mines. A magic/cursed maze with lots of traps, puzzles and sometimes with secret rooms full of rewards is exactly what we need. The players can try to solve the maze even without high damage gear and have fun by solving the puzzles.

On the pvp servers a player can invade the maze by paying a fee and will get cursed ( turning in to a ghost and can slay other players to get their loot).

Core concept
On the way to the climbing tower you can find a big, flat, green, empty area. This spot would be greater for a procedurally generated maze which is covered with fog or roots on top so we can’t solve it without exploring.

The entrance is blocked by a gate which you can open only by paying a fee (random resource). Once a grope of people is in, the gates will close, so the only way out is completing the maze/ find a teleport potion fountain/ use a teleport potion you have got with you / die and spawn in the town.

During the exploration you may find few types of challenges like solving a puzzle or hit all targets with a bow without missing once. For finishing the challenge the player will get a reward (resource or even a tool / weapon part). If the player misses or solves the puzzle wrong, he will be punished.

The punishment can be different. Just spawning a crowd of enemy’s or adding a difficulty to the maze, like turning the lights off or placing more traps in the maze.

The traps should be visible if you know what you are looking for. A pressure plate on the floor, a rope that is blocking the way and so on. Players will have to avoid the traps or activate them from a safe distance. The pressure plate can be activated by tossing an item on it. You can cut the rope or shoot it with an arrow. On activating one of the traps it will release spikes/ ignite the player/ open a spike pit and so on. If the traps are not lethal an are just doing a bit of damage, the players will not be able to regenerate HP so after doing few mistakes, it will have consequences.

When ever the player dies and has no one on his side to safe his loot, it will disappear and can be found some where in the maze in a chest.

Finally the player reaches the end and can claim his reward! After completing the maze, he will be teleported back out to the city.

Personal twist (optional)
The reward at the end of the maze should be special and give the player a possibility to chose from. There can be three random generated tools or weapons (bags included) from which the players can chose. Every player will get his own rewards to choose from (for this he/she will have to touch the stone with a hand symbol on it like at the skill shrines.). If the player decides to get two or even all three rewards, he/she will have to insert a certain amount of coins to unlock these.

Nifty idea!
Sort of already an existing planned feature on Trello, under a different name

The cursed maze name really brings back some great roguelite game memories (Barony!), and it should definitely be a very interesting addition to the game. But there’s other stuff too.

For example, the developers are currently working to bring Climbing Tower, Combat Trials and The Forest from PC to the Oculus Quest. There are also the Added Game Difficulty and Boss cards planned for further down the road. And Dungeons.

These will arguably add a great deal of challenge, both for the Quest getting PC features, and for the PC players once everything is at the same update level(difficulty & bosses).

Challenge & planned features aside though, it would still be a great addition, even if it were just incorporated into an existing feature, like dungeons.

The only thing that worries me is the Cursed Ghost Players you mention: I don’t think the devs want to reward player killing, even if it’s specifically within the confined context of 1 challenge: the cursed maze. Trolls would just live here waiting for any living thing to enter the maze, “for loot”. Now all the traps/monsters/danger is 3x as deadly, with distracting PVP trolls floating about. Then the maze chests loot is majority the lost items of fallen players.
From my observations of how the devs talk about their baby ‘Township’ & the mechanics created to stimulate the community(market, stew/cooking, socialize), the game seems more PVE focused, with PVP available for the hardcore souls.

Side thought: the mines are sort of a maze: dark, huge, easy to get lost, randomized, large objects/walls to create shape but openness to imply caverns, and new layout based on admin command. Dangers are limited to enemies currently, but low visibility with sudden stairway edges has resulted in plenty of lost HP in my own experience, even with lanterns.

That all said, Dungeons & Dragons has taught me that true cursed maze/dungeon traps are MUCH more sneaky/difficult. If the loot is worth it, the dungeon builder is trying to keep EVERYONE out, but still have easy access for themself.

I think some really interesting trap mechanics could involve team cooperation, like 2 people to pull a lever, a heavy-weight sensor plate, 1 person to chisel/lockpick and 1 person to shield any incoming trap damage, tiny 1-man boat in a 90% deepwater room with rope from end to end to pull the boat along, etc.

Out of curiosity, how rare would you have the reward items/tools be? Like end-game current content like Valyan tool heads and Wyrm leather hoarder bags? Or brand new content that’s epic gold level, like the katana? Add in a glowing sword or new magic hilt, etc?
What would you think about also offering pouches of rare resources like ingots/coins/rare arrows/singular items(gourd/armor)? This way, if a server has all the gear and everyone is armed to the teeth, they can still benefit from the reward for the sake of the town, without the need to dismantle & recycle the loot.


Well to be honest, I’ve never been to a PVP server and never felt that I need to.

This Idea might be improved like, for getting rid of the ghost, the player will get an extra chest of loot, or the loot at the end would get even better. + The ghost can invade only once per run. All he can do is teleport players back to the entrance (still inside the Maze/Dungeon). Or to a random location inside the maze (might be even to the end of the maze/dungeon). To avoid abusing this teleportation (In case the ghost will be able to teleport players straight to the end), players need to collect some relics which need to be brought to the end of the maze to make the loot better (if no relics will be brought to the end, all you can hope for is some basic stuff like a pick out of flint and a stick).

This is true. If we put traps aside, both things would be basically the same.

I’m using my Oculus Quest to play ATT on PC, so the darkness in the game become even darker. This is not an issue if you have two different lanterns on you, and you are standing still. The lantern, that is lighting up an area around it (not the flashlight like one), has its own speed of following the player. If I move straight with a medium full backpack, the light need roughly 1 second to catch up.

This is the one thing that i do not enjoy about the trips to the mines.

In the Dungeons/ Maze there could be wall hooks or even lanterns on the wall, so we can put a torch in (assemble it on the go with a stick and dry grass), or just ignite the lanterns. This way, the player does not have to fight with the darkness and can focus on exploring.

Love the idea beeng chased by the giant stone ball. Indiana Jones vibes :smiley:

Fake traps is also a thing that we need in the dungeons!

This is a fair point. Actually, I would love to add something new as a reward.
For example:

A spell that can make you glow in the dark. To activate this spell, you need to raise both your hands above your head. It is not possible to glow all the time due to a magic bar. It can regenerate slowly by itself, or you could drink a soup / eat something like the glowing mushroom to fill it up.

A spell to enhance your weapon with a certain element. Raise one of your hands up, and after it starts to vibrate / glow, hold it over your blade / bow to add that element. The enchantment will last 10 to 30 seconds and has a recharge time
Fire: Damage over time
Earth: higher chance to stun the enemy
Water: Slow the enemy down
Ice: make the enemy more vulnerable.

(All the elements are different spells)

A spell to kick your enemy away. Raise one or two hands up and after the charge put both hands in front of you to push the enemy back. And may the force be with you!

All of these spells / ability’s can not be used at the same time. We will get a special ability slot where we can put one of the spells in.

PS: thank you for spicing up your post with those images!

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