A Far off Land [AFL]

Hi, and welcome to A Far off Land!

We are a new server with over 50 users and growing. Some of the features we offer are:

:white_check_mark: New Player friendly
:house_with_garden: Player houses for active players
:candle: Fully lit town buildings
:park: A Growing town with custom buildings
:crossed_swords: PVP outside of town (wear a black sash, any other color is non-pvp)
:shield: Consented Duels inside town
:gear: Server wipes only with Major Updates
:circus_tent: Weekend+Random Events/Loot drops!
:package: Optimized world/decorations
:person_climbing:Climbing unlockable in Mountain Pass!

A Far off Land is a community focusing on having the best gameplay experience. You will find a non-toxic community, massive market place with plenty of shops to sell you items from, Friendly Moderation team that doesn’t tolerate rude players/drama.

We pride ourselves with a robust discord server that has well organized Channels, and clever bots.

Like our server, and wanna have your friends come join you, why not get rewarded? We have a referral system installed where you get rewarded for inviting your friends!

Come check out what A Far off Land has to offer!