A few ideas

  1. Flint & Steel: A craftable item that creates fire. One-handed operating by shaking the item causes 10 seconds of flame. This would make it easier to pull out, use and stow than flint. Could be made with a metal plate and ?flint.

  2. Trash disposal gesture: You could get rid of trash items like bones or geodes by throwing them over your shoulder. Doing so instantly deletes them. Doesn’t work for valuable things. Twist: Could be made to look like a magic trick, e.g. item burns up in your hands.

  3. Telepathy items: Wearable items that enable telepathy. For example, you could have a copper headband that allows telepathy with others wearing copper headbands; mythril headbands might be another channel. Could transmit by touching the temple; could toggle listening by shaking. Has durability/charges.

  4. Billboard: Allow players to post notes to a billboard. Duration of note tied to (exponential?) cost of gold. E.g. “I’m heading to the mine tonight, meet at Blacksmith if you want to come.”

Something like the billboard was once suggested by @Tiltedreality

for further ideas.
Of course you would be able to set up posts without a specific task as well.

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I like the flint and steel idea, which has been suggested in some capacity a few times. As for the other ideas, I don’t think the ability for any player to delete items would be a good idea, I also don’t think a telepathy headband made with metal would make much sense, just use discord. The billboard idea is interesting, but I feel like it would be better as a town message board, where many things can be posted at once.

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But something in game could be a lot more intuitive than something so inflexible like joining a VC or call that you have to get out of game to change, leave or join a new one, which you might want to do if you don’t want to be in the same group from start to finish of a play session.

I don’t think the headbands are really good though, something more like this post (Maybe including what I posted as the first reply) something you can bring up to communicate with a friend in town while you’re in the caves or forest or visa versa, even quickly doing so if you lose track of each other.

Also I’d like to second @Zebulaun on the flint and steel idea, very convenient, though I would say it would be cool to see different levels of it, a simple one that uses two flint pieces with grass to keep them together that might be a bit hard to use with one hand, then some thing more contained like you suggested, but only makes a spark with enough shaking then something that requires a lot more but is very reliable and gives a flame rather than a spark.

And again I agree with Zeb with the trash disposal idea.

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The wearable location of the device really isn’t that important, whether it’s a handband, bracelet, etc. I was just thinking of an area that doesn’t currently have an interaction slot.

I’m not sure I like the idea of specifically linking the communication device to a certain person or group. You already know how to communicate with your friends. Having a more open telepathic channel might be helpful for communicating with people who are not already friends with and forming groups with randos. I would point this out, because I don’t have a steady group that I play with and end up going at it alone because of that. It would be nice to be able to put out a LFG or request for help. I also don’t see a lot of people using discord while in game, probably because of the hassle of switching out of VR and with having hot mics both in game and in Discord. Also, again, Discord doesn’t allow you to communicate with randos.

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It was less about the location and more on the construction, as I said in the reply I mentioned more of a “enchanted item” to be used, though I do think the head band would clash a lot more cosmetics than something on the wrist (or just a non wearable item).

I don’t think we really need to be restricted on how the communication works in that way, personally different channels don’t sound too bad, but also having other modes such as direct connect (singular or group communication) and area chat (broadcasts to other players in the area) would be cool.

This. It’s not really intuitive to use with a VR game such as this and doesn’t fit into the game so it takes from immersion.