A Forging Update

A added layer of complexity to the current forging and weapon systems to allow more customizations individuality in weapons

Core concept

  • paintable bladles, handles, guards, everything
  • polish to make our weapons shinier
  • key bindings to flip blades backward in hand, so we dont have to fool around trying to backgrip
  • chains, for custom length physics based morning stars or ropes
  • spike balls, end of Morningstar or connecting point to stick chains to walls
  • custom handle for making chain whips
  • chain connector pomels for the end of weapons
  • damascus for patterned metal weapons
  • sharpening with whetstones for damage and durability boost
  • etching for intricate designs on weapons
  • new hilts and guards for more individuality and tool use, such as guards and hilts for disarming
  • sickle and hammer updates to combat
  • more blade and handle decorations in general
  • hardening and tempering with quench
  • poison holding grooves for blades and concoction holding arrow heads ( rain DOT on your enemies)
  • nunchucks (combing two handles with a chain pomel and chain)
  • meteor hammers
  • back curved blades for tonfas
  • sai handles
  • wrist blades to fuel your assassin creed needs

A few thoughts that you might like to consider

  • Paintable blades are an issue from my POV because it removes the ‘specialness’ of certain metals. The aesthetics of your weapons being instantly recognisable is an important part of the game and removes a lot of potential confusion as to what item is made of what. Similar thing with guards, handles, etc which are all made of different items with different worths.

  • Physics weapons are just a really bad idea, bows struggle a lot already, having networked chain physics is a crazy ask and would either be super low powered or super OP depending on how the physics want to act.

  • I’m a big fan of all tool/weapon maintenance concepts, a must have for future smithing.

  • Poison (and other potential attributes) are somewhat an issue for me. I would prefer for these attributes to be linked under magic and enchanting rather than accessible in the early game as they could be quite powerful.

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