A group activated teleportation tool

Would like to see something that works like the Warlock Teleportation Gate in WoW. Where it takes up to two other party members to help activate a teleportation device to bring other township members to your group location. It could be an expensive/rare device to build with either limited uses or some sort of rare fuel source.

This doesn’t quite fit the theme of township, and whilst it would act as a helpful tool, certain people might horde the item so noone else can get it. I know people who have done that, if you want to teleport multiple people use the teleportation potion in a glass bottle and throw it on the ground whilst everyone is nearby.

Trying to come up with an idea on how to get a party member back into the group’s location after they were killed or showed up late for a deep mining run. Not looking for any way to teleport a whole group.

it exists televator

Sure, but the televator can’t go anywhere.

doesn’t it go to every 15 floors of the mines?

Every 10 floors, but that isn’t everywhere on the map.

Maybe it could be a single use structure that a player builds and the person who wants to teleport to it goes to the map, points a remote at it and go’s there. but I think this might be a bit op mainly cause you could skip the climbing tower.

What it should do is stay active until someone changes the dial.
So if you die you can just go back down to your starting point.
you all teleport together stood within a proximity ring and when you teleport down.
And if there is a group of you it should only cost per floor i.e. 50 then add 5 per occupant. and 5 thereafter if you need to get down again.
At least then you don’t wipe out the entire stash of crystals if 6 - 8 of you go down.

Maybe they could just make the aoe better and more reliable when throwing the potion, because it doesn’t always work on multiple people

A “teleport one player” skill with a 30min cool down for the upcoming mage class sounds good, make it a tier 4/5 skill so it’s not easy to obtain.

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Finally a suitable response, thanks @dirtytechno

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No probs, teleporting is already a part of this game so it fits perfectly and is definitely in keeping with the spirit of the game.

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