A hand that comes out of the ground

The idea is that hands will stick out of the ground and attack any moving thing near it to kill it you just attack it like any other enemy when it dies you get a finger that when you cook it and eat it it restores a decent amount of health can’t spawn in town only spawns in the caves

That’s definitely an out there suggestion. What exactly inspired it? I think if you clarified some of the details, it would be easier to understand. :slight_smile:

Some questions for your idea

What kind of hands? Zombie humans? Are they attached to anything or just 2 planted hands like they’re flowers?

If zombies, why are they limited to being buried?

How much damage do they do? Are they fast? Do they have any special attacks?

Are they affected by AoE ground attacks or explosives?

Where in the map would they be?

What’s the lore behind them? We have creatures like Goterra, Turabada, Spriggul, how do underground hands fit in?

How filling is the finger? I dunno if you know this, but human fingers are mostly bone.

(Click image for link)

By context of this data, if an arm is worth 7k calories, a hand probably only makes up 1k or less… and then you specify fingers, so take that 1k, -1/2 for the palm meat, 500cal / 5 fingers = 100 calories each. Roughly a small box of raisins.
(History lesson for everyone: ancient human cannibalism was likely more ritual based than food needs.)

So are you sure we need a finger food item…? Wouldn’t it be… idk pointless when Spriggul meat is clearly easier to hunt and provides more food… I can bow and arrow a dozen Spriggul and have food for the next 5 game days, gather some pumpkin and it’s the same thing.

So I mean a hand of a person that got stuck in the caves they move a little fast