"A Landsverge Tale" server looking to add new members, experienced and new players welcomed


We are looking to add more members to our community. Generally, we are looking for people who like exploring the game, sharing the experience with others, and helping other players along the way while working together to keep the town looking good and stocked up. What we are NOT looking for and will quickly remove from the server are racists, bigots, sexists, cheaters, griefers, thieves and people who intentionally harass others in any way. We are a small group with a roster across multiple time zones. Daily participation on an individual basis tends to follow the usual ebb and flow of gaming but there is always an active presence. We have new players and experienced players and we are open to taking new members of any experience level.


We run events and customizations have been made to the server to support them. These include additions to the tavern to accommodate gambling nights featuring our original dice game, “Babu”. We have turned a portion of the Hebios camp plains into a pvp arena where we play a modified version of CTF matches using 2 hebios camps as bases. We just wrapped up our fall scavenger hunt where members were challenged to find hidden pumpkin flowers throughout the map for rewards. These events and more are planned to continue as the game’s development progresses. The more people we bring into the fold, the grander these events will be!


Additions have been made to several of the town buildings to offer some streamlined functionality and additional storage options, along with aesthetic changes to the tavern to make it a more inviting public space.


We have built/unlocked/discovered just about all of the developmental aspects of the town. So all paths to other areas are unlocked, all blueprints and smithing molds have been found, and the televator wayshrines are nearly completely activated.


  • The mines and the forest have never been reset and unless a need or desire for either arises that will continue to be the case.

  • We almost always run PvE with friendly fire off and item dropping on death disabled. However, when PvP events are in progress PvP damage is enabled with a x3 damage multiplier and item dropping on death becomes enabled. Usually this also comes with a temporary move of the respawn point to the center of the PvP arena. These global changes remain only for the duration of the event and are announced well ahead of schedule so PvE players dont get caught in the chaos.


We try to operate as a community without attempting to shoehorn people into specific roles. e.g. there is no dedicated smith whose permission you need before using the forge. We stay in communication with each other via discord and discuss any need for town resources and try to share the use and replenishing of goods whenever possible. Despite conflicting time zones we do our best to link up in-game by utilizing a channel in our discord exclusively for posting our playtime schedules. None of us knew each other before this game but some of us have begun playing other VR experiences with each other after bonding in ATT. And the discord has been expanded to offer channels to support coordination for our members in other games. As admin of the server this holds meaning for me and I fully intend to continue fostering what we’ve built.

If you alone, or you and a friend, are interested in becoming part of the Landsverge community please reach out to me here in direct message and we can discuss server and discord invites. If you have any questions I can answer them also in direct message or here in the comments.

Looking forward to meeting some new people!

Hello, i’m interessed in joining your server. I might not be online on a daily basis, have plaid alone for a while and i realise that it would be more fun with others.