A Lot of Questions About Cosmetics

These are some really quality products you guys are throwing out here. But I have some questions. These questions are targeted mostly at the developers of this game. But I’m not adverse to other people answering.

  1. Will there be a point where you guys have a crapton of cosmetics and will just rotate, let’s say 200, over the year? I guess this is slightly worrying about less diversity in the far future, where we’ll have 50 scarves or something. We’ll start seeing more similar-looking cosmetics if there are a ton of them.

  2. Will we have any personalization/customization options for the cosmetics other than color? I’ve heard Bossman talk about asymmetry, but I was wondering about any other options.

  3. Are there ever going be certain items that are heavy with a price tag for a specific reason? i.e. having a really flamboyant as hecc hat for a larger sum, or a really really fancy outfit.

  4. Will there ever be objects that can separate from outfits/apparel in the future? Maybe a monocle that you can fiddle with or pocketwatch to tell the time with?

  5. Who made this man?

  6. Cosmetic/Different backpacks?

  7. Different eyeballs/irises/pupils?

  8. Could we get an option to hide certain accessories like gloves or glasses on the fly? I’d like to be able to remove/put on stuff at certain times for comedic purposes.

  9. Item personalization options? Such as marking things with initials/symbols when you blacksmith or putting tags on tools? (Would be pretty nifty to mark things as public use tools)

  10. What graphics tablet do you guys use/prefer?

  11. Will there ever be player-made cosmetics that make it onto the store?

  12. Any cosmetics with physics? Maybe earrings on chains or long flowy scarves?

  13. Favorite color.

  14. Can I get easy-use camera rails for player-independent camera panning? :c

  15. Any way to lock or change how the character’s eyes move? Too many screenshots of people looking at the sun.

This is a lot of questions, but I am burning with curiosity at each question.
Thanks in advance for answering.


  1. Not sure yet, but yes as we have a greater pool of cosmetics they will rotate more and more, but we will absolutely try and avoid items that end up being too similar. Lot’s of games have a LOT of diverse looking clothing so I’m not too worried yet.
  2. We will defs have assymmetry but no plans for other customization options for clothing YET. We have other things that do not relate to clothing that we are scoping out designs for.
  3. Probably. We’d love to have some FANCY stuff.
  4. Maybe. As long as it doesn’t affect gameplay (we are worried about any pay to win stuff).
  5. It was a combined effort. Boramy made the hair, I made the glasses, I dressed up the character, Boramy posed him. It’s hard to say WHO MADE THIS MAN when he simply EVOLVED THAT WAY lo.l
  6. Possibly in the future, but as you know backpacks are not OWNED by players so currently no.
  7. Yes.
  8. Could be cool. I would like this.
  9. That’s a pretty awesome idea, I like the idea of each blacksmith having a “signature”.
  10. Boramy and I both use Wacom, I use the Wacom Intuos Pro Medium from like 4 years ago, so it’s been updated since. I also have an iPad Pro for personal art at home. Both are rad.
  11. Possibly.
  12. Possibly. I would like to see that personally.
  13. Everyone in the office thinks it’s black but it’s actually Township green (like the grass color). But in all honestly I like every bright saturated color on the hue spectrum from 0 to about 80 (out of 360). Thanks for asking it’s my fave question to answer.
  14. That would be cool.
  15. We should totally support headsets with eye tracking, that’d be rad.
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I’ve seen that idea float around for awhile now and even suggest some stuff on it, would be really nice to just be able to mark public tools and privately owned items respectively.

Maybe make a separate post for this idea if it doesn’t exist yet!

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True, I don’t think anyone has put it on the website yet, I’ll find my old #ideas post.

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Nevermind, there is already something like it, stamps in this case, in this post about a few things.

Though it covered a lot of things in a bit of depth, and we have gotten posts like @Soulsciety 's that go into more depth on painting, so maybe.


Dayum, Serena with the 100% effort award.

Also, answer #14 is making me go “hmmm” a little bit.

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  1. I use an Intuos 4 from like 2006. My trusty old friend for life. Model’s been discontinued, so I hope to everything that is terrible in the world my tablet lives on.