A new skill - farming

The farming update would introduce a hoe, seeds, craftabla watering can, compost bins, fertelizer, and farm patches scatered around the world map.

The base idea would be that, you’d walk up to a farm patch, tilt the dirt, plant the seeds, grab a watering can anď water the planted seed. Fertelizer would increase the crops yeald as well as growing speed. You will requier to water the plant multiple times. XP would be obrltained with tilting, planting and watering. Seeds would be obtained from chests and crates in the mine as well as in chests in camps.

The point in farming would be that it would yeald more crops than foraging the already grown ones. I know this idea needs more refining as well as ideas for all skills, but that’s what you guys might have more idea for. I’d love to see some form of farming in the game because its the best VR game i’ve played. Thank you devs.

Just to let you know, farming is already on the Roadmap as quite a far future prospect, and may feature as an addition to housing.

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Adding onto what Fyre said, always check the Roadmap and this website first before you suggest an idea, a lot of ideas already got a post for them.