A new way to trade items

Summary: a way to FINALLY stop people from stealing your items and your backpacks

Core concept: for to long now I’ve had to deal with $&!holes that wanna steal my stuff, I’ve managed to outwit them but today I lost ALL MY STUFF and I’ve had enough. Which is why I have a great idea…introducing: the trade post. Yes yes I know that township take already has that but hear me out…what if perhaps there was a way to “mark” the things that belong TO YOU that way if someone tries to steal your stuff they can’t even grab it because it BELONGS TO YOU. “But bane how would you be able to give things to others that they need?” Okay that part I have all figured out, again you would MARK items meaning you can mark what’s important to you and what isn’t. Backpacks, weapons, tools, items and more can all be marked as yours so no one steals it and everything will stay yours. Now the main trade post works in a special way, let’s say you have something your friend has and they have something you have however both of your items are marked so you can’t give it to them. The trade post basically swaps the marks to where now their marked item is yours and your marked item is there’s. No Huss no fuss. It’s the perfect way to stop people from stealing things and actually make the game fun again!

Person twist: I’m thinking maybe a cool effect when you trade or something that would be rlly neat, also something interesting I had was if someone tried to steal something that’s marked it would just fade to dust and appear in your inventory again, and if you don’t have room it’ll just go into the mailbox!

I hope my idea is read and will be used to finally stop these @$&!%#£€¥ qwq thank you for reading