A Non-Alta Tale (US3)

Hey guys! @Mantax64 and I are making an unofficial US3 server inspired by the public servers. We’ve decided on making this to slightly lessen the load on US1 and US2 during peak times.

Since this isn’t an official server of Alta, there may or may not be non-vanilla objects here and there (Out of Bounds). We would like to keep it vanilla for the most part, but sometimes things need a little spicing up. Rest assured, whatever is in the normal town area will stay 100% vanilla.

While this may not be an official public server, we will enforce the rules as if it was a public server.

Hope you enjoy A Non-Alta Tale (US3)!

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Dude this server is a clone of US1 and US2 smh my head

oh fug how did you tell?

Why you always shiting on Boris lol