A Poggers Tale! New Community Server

baq baq baqaq boyo we are P O G so much tat sometimes the server will literally DIE of **P O G N E S S **
(no admin abuse btw)
Follow me off to get the most P O G server!

  1. P O G Gamers are in the server all the time! :TownCrier:
  2. The server is very POGly vanilla!? :Alta:
  3. Mods will commit to helping whenever you ask, because they are P o G :Wyrm:
  4. We only accept POG is gamers and no racists or bullies #BLM
    N U M B E R F.I.V.E We hope to have the most POG helpful players that can donate because they are just very P O G C H A M P! https://discord.gg/g8cVWrJ

Not pog. Character limit.