A Spaceship Tale

An idea for a future Alta game. Apparently FireRocket came up with the name a while back, but this is independently created and a bit more fleshed out.

The game is somewhat similar to ATT, but you’re on a self-sufficient colony ship, waking people from cryo and getting everything ready to arrive at the planet - and then actually landing and continuing to settle dirtside. It seems as though it would give a similar community-based core game, but with plenty of interesting twists due to space.

I agree with this. A space game would be cool with building space ships and space suits

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I feel like this idea is mostly “I want a VR space game and Alta actually makes good VR games so I want them to make it” and honestly I respect that.


We’ve definitely joked about this a lot internally. There’s a lot of games that could work with a similar gameplay setup, but in different themed worlds, each with their own aesthetic and gameplay.

It’s not out of the question, but obviously not an endeavor we’d step into lightly :stuck_out_tongue:


Would love this, but I obviously want to see township tale fully realized before anything else.


MMORPG amongus.

But actually a really cool idea. I am kinda a space and sci-fi nerd, so I would love to see this. But, like Zebulaun said, definitely “finish” ATT first.