A Township Town Community Server

This is a community server made by me. It is fun and you can enjoy playing with your friends. I had it wiped so almost everything is how it was. If anyone meets me online I will give them some good ores like valyan(100 or more) ingots. I hope you all enjoy and have a great time!
Discord: https://discord.gg/PSQnHcn
Join the discord to get the server code!


That’s amazing thank you so much, but where can i find you?

where do you usually hang out

id recommend asking in their discord

Sorry, This server has shut down, discord is trashed!

rip, what do you mean by trashed?

the owner gave up on the server but for some reason still paying for it, and he left his staff manager in charge of his discord which is now deleted.

I know if he is a supporter and just doesn’t care about using his server that is why it is still up (I’ve heard you don’t need to keep supporting to keep the server right now, but I might have miss heard).

you only need to have supporter once to have a server there is no “payment” after that atleast currently