A Treasure Island (PvP Server)

Hello all! I’ve just created my first public server that I’m really looking forward to putting out there.

This is a PvP server with some intense twists. No lock boxes, mailboxes, trade posts, or maps. The only way you'll be storing your items is with hidden stashes, but be careful since those are fair game to steal. 

Prepare to be shaken down and taken out, but don't take it to heart, most importantly we're all just trying to have fun here :slight_smile: 

I hope you all enjoy plundering each other's stashes, making allies, and making more enemies. This, is Treasure Island! <3

Join the Treasure Island discord here:


The interesting server I must say! :slight_smile:


3-4 people got false banned off this server.

This is not pogchamp.

If you don’t like the way a server is run, then you are under no obligation to play on it.

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