A way to earn talems

hi I have a idea for earning talems my idea is daily challenges there are 4 challenges per day each challenge earns you 25 talems the challenges includes kill a certain amount of enemies mine a certain amount of ore cut down a certain amount of trees etc. this way you can only earn 100 talems a day the reason why I am making this is because of the virus due to it it’s hard to have enough money to buy talems

This has already been suggested in another variation. The devs have expressed 0 interest in this sort of implementation, particularly during early development. Below are quotes from the forum moderators on this very subject.

For the future, I would recommend a quick search either through google or the built-in search feature of the forum, to see if someone else has had your idea already. You may also want to check the public Trello Roadmap to see what features ARE already planned.
Otherwise, you wasted however long it took you to type out/think of the idea, unfortunately… :frowning:

I wanted something like this as much as you, as you can tell from MY comment in the linked topic, but it’s just not gonna happen. Talems are TOO closely tied to the developers income, and the added effort of events/quests for material wealth not only changes the in-game dynamic of what jobs are prioritized, but also takes away work-time from more pressing needs, like bringing the climbing tower & forest to Quest, or getting back on track for implementing user housing.

Edit: testing something, don’t mind me.