A way to get updates of what a update actually did

A one or two line sentence about the overall idea!

Core concept
What if in the menu players can check their right or left to see a mailbox like at the marketplace and when you open it a envelope pops out and you can tear it open with a small letter opener as a fun way to open it or just tear it

Personal twist (optional)
When opened a book or paper will pop out depending on how big it is and once read a player can pop it into a shredder next to it it’s a way for players who don’t have discord to see it in a fun way

I could see it working in a simple system where it converts the update page into more of a ATT letter style and then having the letter burn up after being dropped like in the carpentry place.


Honestly the amount of players that some how got the game working and play it without using the discord at all has to be quite the minority since downloading it can rely on the player using the discord for links (last I checked there isn’t a way to get to the download page besides going through the discord, unless someone gives you the download link)

Also it might not so much fit the style with keeping that kind of stuff out of the game, such as meta stuff like development, as it’s a very immersive game and only really adds stuff like that if it’s really needed like the tutorial stuff both on the tutorial tale server and in the main servers.

I do have a friend who got the game without discord although pretty much i acknowledge that my idea might be a side update that just polished the game

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Oh yeah once the game is more open it could be a good option, eventually it will get big enough that everyone going through the discord won’t be as possible.