Abilities based on weather

so basically you can select powers that only work during a certain type of weather

Core concept
I think it would be a really fun idea if people could get abilities that only work in certain weather types for example say there was a lightning storm (if they add it) wouldn’t it be fun if you could raise your sword up in the air and it got stuck by lightning and then you could point your sword forward and unleash that power to deal vast amounts of damage :thinking:

I like where you are coming from, but I think it would kind of suck to have to wait for a storm to use abilities. Would make more sense for the user to create the storm (when they are very powerful of course, can’t have noobs bringing lightning from the heavens).

I think either what @Zebulaun said, or make it you can use a weakened version of the power without the weather, but when you have the weather it becomes a powerful ability (depending on the rarity of the weather.

Yes, forgot to mention it, but what @Edit said is perfect. The elemental powers are intensified during that weather. That is how it’l work and eventually when you are strong enough, you MAKE the weather.

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Does it make sense for multiple powerful mages to create / alter the weather for everyone else? You’d get one sod that wants it sunny and another that wants it raining and another that wants it windy … They’d be fighting against eachothers’ spells and changing it every 5 minutes!
I’d think spells based on the current weather sounds cool, but maybe not ONLY able to cast them in the specific weather. Obvious choice to name it “Elementalist” mages, and just have their regular lightning spells buffed when there’s a storm, fire spells buffed when the sun is at it’s highest, that kind of thing.
Sure, have powerful mages create localised storms and other stuff as high level spells, but not change the overall weather.

Then also, fire spells are slightly weaker during a storm and lightning spells are weaker during good weather while the air is less conductive. You get the idea…

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I think if we where do add weather magic in anyway, it would have to be very hard and time consuming to cast, but that localized we as ther magic sounds cool.

It would also be cool to make localized illusions in a similar fashion.

I feel that if weather had a set cycle, this would work. But if weather were to be RNG-based, then so would the increased efficacy of your abilities.
Relying on RNG for combat would be a bit odd for ATT, currently.

I think it both wouldn’t work if we are talking about only being able to use them during the weather, but if if was more of a buff to a normal ability then RGN weather would be good.