Ability to edit settings on server Ruined the game for me

When I started my own server I spent days playing having fun trying to do everything I can to complete as much as possible and it was fun, but once I figured out how to edit the settings on my server, I no longer had to go to the mines to get rare ore and go chop trees, or hunt and cook food, because all I had to do was change the settings to stay daylight always, never go hungry, have everything automatically built, have every community chest filled with all ore ingots and alloys, etc. Once I had that ability I no longer had any interest in playing, took away all the fun, why explore the caves when you don’t have to, I know I can just turn the settings off, but it’s still not the same having the options to cheat so easily available. Looking to play something else now

Why not play on other servers where you don’t have the ability to do so. Sure the people suck but avoiding them is not an issue. You could also just not use the editing thing at all.

As for games you might wanna try, how about Virtual Virtual Reality or I Expect You to Die 2. Half Life 3 is good!

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Lmao I have news for you OP: (almost) EVERY game has that editor, it’s there so developers can test their games without having to do exactly what you just pointed out: all the grinding and work!

You’re gonna have to re-evaluate your opinion, I’m sorry, but that’s just ridiculous. 1 aspect of a game exists THAT YOU DONT HAVE TO USE, and suddenly the game loses value!
Can you imagine being like “Pizza is OK, but I realized I can replace red sauce with ketchup, so now I don’t eat pizza”???

Here’s a video-game forum post all about discussing games with console

Here’s a web article detailing modern games

Before I go, lemme just get this logic of yours straight:

  1. You chose to play a sandbox video-game all about freedom of choices
  2. You chose to play privately
  3. You chose to use admin tools
  4. You essentially abused the admin tools to cheat the game
  5. You felt cheated by cheating the game, and now feel that it’s the game’s fault?

The mental contortionism you have to go through to warrant complaining about having the choice over your own server on the feedback website is crazy.


The ability to use trade-post to spawn in items is really intended for server owners to be able to reimburse players items lost to bugs etc. It’s not intended to be used to sidestep the design of the game (collect, craft, adventure). To be honest, you didn’t catch the description of the game, which is still in pre-alpha. Your purpose is to bring that town back to life, and uncover what may have happened in the past. Along with working as a team, building, living, exploring. What you did in your server, just guessing, was probably messy, with no rhyme or reason. You just made stuff, and lost interest before you even gave the game a chance. To make a post stating that cheating ruined the game for you, Well Duhhh! What did you think would happen? But wait, there is hope yet. With just a sliver of imagination, you can do much more than you realize.


Just… don’t use server settings then? What???

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Dear admins, please don’t ever let this topic get deleted, the responses are too funny

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This had been an issue since time began. A new tool makes something easier now it’s painful to go back, but you can look to the N64 gameshark for an old but appropriate example. I got one as a kid and found every game in cheated on was super fun for about a day then it was burned out. Cheating almost always ruins games. That trickle feed of accomplishment is what keeps you hooked and cheating just opens the tap all the way. Next thing you know it’s empty. Every single game is susceptible to this. I recommend restarting, and challenging yourself to not cheat at all, or even applying further handicaps to rekindle things.


Yeah I stopped playing my own server, “well suck me silly” and joined a random one where I have no control and can’t give myself everything the easy way. It’s starting to be fun again mostly because I like helping out the new players having a hard time learning, ill take them with me in the mines to let them get all the goodies while I fight the worms n rocks .