Accessibility/New Ideas

Im new to township tale and i just want to say what a game so far! I am having soo much fun playing this game. I have some suggestions making accessibility easier for future players as it was like being thrown into the deep end starting my own server for the first time but the community have been great and so supportive of new players.

XP progress bars and skill points can be viewed in the menu option rather then visiting shrines.

A journal which can be accessed either from the menu or backpack/This will update you with information on what you have discovered eg: what level in mines have specific ores, areas have specific what material creatures drop and set a crafting goal so you can track how much materials you need for your next craft or world expansion. A map with your location and way point marking and the XP progress bars could be intergrated into this.

Smithing moulds to return to the stack the same way pages do when they are removed from crafting stations.

Crafting station pages to be labelled with what the recipe is and highlighting a material will tell you what that material is eg: buckles, leather rolls etc.

Highlighting items with snap grab will tell you what it is (can be toggled on and off to cater for veteran players)

Daily objectives board which requires the deposit of specific items which awards the player with the location of a crafting page or mould they are missing.

A recipe for Personal Crafting moulds to become permanent and not expend after a few uses. This is if the mould plate is crafted with a lot of high end alloy ingots or limited to completing a future in game event.

craft armour please :pray: