Achievement Tattoos

Core Concept
Freely positionable Tattoos that can reflect your achievements throughout your time in the game.

How It Works
Firstly, we need achievements. Though many more will be introduced in the future, here are some of my ideas so far:

  • Playtime Tattoos, with different intervals (50, 100, 250, 500, 750…)
  • Age Tattoos (how long ago you joined the game)
  • Supported Tattoo (a Tattoo that displays that you have supported, despite not being one anymore.
  • Skill Tree Mastery Tattoos (unlock the end of a skill tree, or even one branch of a skill tree)
  • Enemy fighting mastery Tattoos (kill x number of one enemy)
  • Climbing Tower completion or tattoos that differ dependant on how long it takes you to complete the tower (an in game reward for speedrunners)
  • Combat Trial completion Tattoo

We’d also require a new section in the Character Customisation area for these Tattoos. Here, you will be able to find your unlocked Tattoos, and will be free to place them on certain parts of your body (arms, hands, neck).

I think this would be a lovely way to show off your achievements without being too invasive to gameplay. I could also see custom tattoos gifted from the devs to a player existing, sort of like Minecraft capes. Perhaps there could be a tattoo for people who’s ideas got used in the game similar to this idea but a bit less invasive and less drama inducing.

I like this idea - I’m gonna become Maui!!

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This not only gives achievements, but also solves the constant wish for free cosmetics. I love it so much.


I would love to get optional tattoos for achivements!

this actually sounds really cool