Add a Toggle for Dock Memory / Automatic Pedestal Interactions


It’s tedious to have to draw my sword, tool, etc. and adjust it with my other hand if I want to hold it differently than how I sheathed it. Yeah, a lot of people like this change, but the fact that it’s forced to be used and not able to be turned off can be a bit frustrating for people who don’t always want to draw their tool or weapon in the same way every time. I had gotten used to Dock Memory on Quest, then played on PC, and I noticed just how much more natural the lack of Dock Memory feels. If I want to draw my sword underhanded, I can do it without a second thought no matter how I sheathed it. With Dock Memory, however, I have to adjust it in my other hand, which I can’t do if I’m currently holding something in it (i.e. a shield).

Adding a toggle for that, along with maybe the automatic pedestal interactions, would be an amazing quality of life change that would make everyone happy. People who like Dock Memory keep it, people who don’t like it don’t have to use it.