Add updates including the forest early for supporters

I think that the forest update should come on quest sooner for supporters and other updates too

It would be great cause the community would be happy and u guys at Alta would make more money because people on quest would wanna buy supporter more and more people would know about it
This feature would be very nice for everybody you know a win win cause u guys make tons more money and we get to be super happy I really hope this gets added soon.

I don’t like this idea, it’s kind of like paywalling players from new content, though for a certain amount of time

yeah this isn’t really a good idea, because making a paywall for new updates sooner just leaves players out, I see people like EA games doing it because they are extremely greedy, but from what I know Alta wants to make the Township experience available to everyone at the same time. plus if you buy supporter just to get updates sooner, you make tonnes of spoilers to players who don’t have supporter and they might get rather upset if a bunch of people start spoiling an update before its out for the main public

You forget one thing. Quest user already payed for the game, its not like on pc where the game itself is still free. So Alta already made moen y with it and in addition also with the store Clothes, so there is absolutely no need to milk a ´cow who already has a kalv to feed.