Added Functionality for Mine Altars


  • Add extra functionality to the mine altars, allowing them to be used to tp an additional x0 floors down

Core concept

  • Allow for the mine altars to tp you an extra x0 floors down (where x is any number 1-9). For example, say I have all mine altars built, and I tp to floor 30. I shortly decide that I don’t want to be here and decide to go to floor 70 instead. Manually going an extra 40 floors manually would be mentally taxing on the player. Tp-ing up and back down would simply be a waste of crystal. Having the functionality of feeding [(greaterFloorNumber - smallerFloorNumber) + 5] - In the given scenario, that’s 45 - crystals into the altar and being able to TP those extra floors down (maybe up as well, but that’s too debatable atm) would be much more convenient and keep the player’s morale high.
    You can feed the altars crystal as of now, yet the use for that is unknown (to me, anyway)