Adding some leeway to picking things up off of the ground

I believe some leeway should be added in regards to picking things up (applicable exclusively to items that are motionless on the ground)

Core concept
Trying to pick things up off of the ground can be an exercise in frustration since you have to actively have your hand on top of the item to pick it up. This is fine for items that are on shelves or above you, but bending down as much as possible to pick something off of the ground is extremely difficult and painful for a lot of people, especially in the long run. For someone like me, with fairly serious spinal injuries, it is immediately excruciating.

I’d propose that there is around a 15-20 CM bubble around a stationary object on the ground where picking it up is possible, so that you are not forced to scrape your controllers against the floor to pick up a single stick. It won’t detract from the experience itself, as any other object will act normally and be picked up normally, but just make it a bit easier on the players and their backs.

Personal twist (optional)
I feel like the best way to implement this is that once the controller of a player enters the invisible interaction “bubble” of an item on the ground, either an outline of the item appears around it or the same glow effect that appears when combining items appears, connecting the item to your hand with a magical line. The player clicks to pick up an the item either immediately appears in their hand or zip to their hands with a small animation that takes a fraction of a second. For items that have various ways of being held, like weapons or tools, the item should appear at the players hand, held in the default way, or, if such a grip is not implemented, simply gripped in the middle. This effect can but does NOT have to be visible to other players.

The devs have already said that assisted item pick-up is not something they want to add. Enlarged grab zone around items, or “force-grab” from distance. However, they’ve said that having a button for an artificial crouch could be implemented, and that would hopefully ease our troubles :slight_smile:

I think the devs where talking about a crouch button, which would be good since it doesn’t change the game mechanics for people that don’t need it.

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