Adjustable Backpack Stick

you know that stick you can put to the sides of your backpack? well some people might like it taller or lower or oriented at the left or right.

Core concept
when you’re building the stick you have to be precise with your movements and you can cut the sticks in precise measurements to suit your need aswell as add as many sticks as you want going in any direction you want. this could also be useful for working in the dark, when cutting wood or mining or anything that would be easier if you had light just adjust the lantern to face the desired orientation! (obviously theres a limit but let your imagination take over!)

Personal twist (optional)
make the stick hold several lanterns/spotlights by making it with different materials such as iron, copper or even vallion, you could hang your bow or sword or anything that would be easier to grab then to reach into your backpack, and get them from there