Admin abuse

The owner of the server I play on always uses commands to use a damage multiplyer speed command and max health to spawn kill everyone including new people calls everyone bad at the game says he’s the best player and steals people’s stuff and just being a little kid in general he acts like a good person but he bans people for the slightest reasons is there’s something anyone can do about this

On the assumption that that’s all accurate and true, there is absolutely something that someone can do about it.
Vote with your feet, and leave that awful server. Leave the brat to play in a soiled, empty sandbox on their own. Find a nicer server to play on with nicer people.


Assuming there WAS something the admins could do, what exactly are you asking for? Should they take away their server? Or ban the player?

It’s their server, they paid for it, they can do what they want with it. You don’t have to play on that server: you can host or do as Eturian suggests and join a different server

It’s best you find a better server that suits your needs and has a more welcoming community.

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