Advanced Monster Spawning

Monster spawns can be annoying especially the tree dudes or the worms found all over the world. What if we had the chance for even for a bit prevent them spawning at all? The idea is that, if an area is hunted down of ALL monsters (AKA an area has been pacified) no more monsters will spawn for a certain amount of time. This is allow a kind of class “Monster Hunters” imagine having to not deal with any nasty worms for a while and just get some mining done.

Core concept

  • Monsters will respond constantly if there are monsters alive in the area.

  • If they are all dead then the spawning ceases for a good chunk of time (hour or so).

  • Maybe people who do this can get post it boards that when completed (kill (x) number of enemy) give them stuff

Nice but to kill every single monster sounds tedious, why not have monster hunters destroy the source of the monsters and when the monsters aren’t spawning they’ll have a good reason to repair the “sourse”. For worms the source could be a nest, and for the tree dudes it could be a large hive similar to a tree.


Instead of killing all that are currently alive, how about you have to kill the source of the mobs. Each type of mob would have a dungeon like a when nest and a gotera forest (Shameless promotion).

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Good idea. Except it sounds exactly like my idea you idea stealing (insert insult here)

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@Red_Reaper I made the idea for a wyrm nest.

Sorry I didn’t know. Sorry for calling you a (inserst insult here)


Really what would be good is general logic in the ecosystem where monsters aren’t just spawning in out of nowhere, which I talked about in this post shameful plug so you could exhaust the monsters in one area since it would take time for monsters from other areas to take their place. Also it would be nice if there were ways to repel the monsters such as something you apply to your player that either makes the monsters ignore them or actively avoid, there could even be stationary ones that keep an area monster free until the stuff in it runs out.

I made an idea about wyrm repellant in the discord a while ago. I didn’t say what it should be tho, maybe garlic, onion, and salt mixed to create wyrm repellant, has anyone ever seen wyrm’s eat garlic and onions, no. Therefore, wyrm’s. Hate. Garlic and onions. Maybe wyrm bait too made with spriggul egg/meat, and a carrot or something.

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If they hate garlic they are obviously vampires too. I think it might be cool to have the repelants are alchemy based or different items (mostly ones made of organic materials) have smells or a mix, I could see spriggulls being warded off by reflective bits (like how farms will have shiny bits that blow in the wind and cause a bunch of flashing) since bird don’t use smells much. I want to say you could not alert wyrms with shoes that reduce vibrations, but we don’t have feet, maybe something stationary that makes a lot of vibrations that it scares them off? Gotera might ignore you if you have some plant camo?

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How bout something fermented to make repellants. Fermented rice is quite possibly the worst smelling thing I’ve ever had the misfortune of being exposed to.

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That might make sense for stuff that smells and also to place around to keep stuff away, but wouldn’t make sense for something that players would apply to themselves. It’s hard to say because the things used as repellents in real life are so diverse in real life and it would be weird to simplify it too much.

I think it would most likely just one unique-ish item per monster, not exactly specifically “repentant items” but more that some items have that effect.

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