AFK kick timer

Kick players who have been afk for an extended period of time.

Core concept
This will stop players from AFKing to boost their playtime and also protect the equipment of players who forgot to switch off their game when they took their headset off. No Idea how long it should be but it should definitely be shorter than how long it takes to starve.

Will this kick from the server or the entire game?

The server, playtime doesn’t go up when you’re in the lobby

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Oh didn’t know that, good idea too.

This sounds like a good idea. Being a VR game, the only way to be AFK is to take off the headset and set everything down, as opposed to ALT+TAB’ing out and just watching videos on another monitor. And if this is done with a proper kick timer, then I see virtually no drawback to this system, as it won’t affect regular gameplay.

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This is in :slight_smile:

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