Air Slash Buff

I think that the Air Slash sword skill needs a heavy buff. I think that it should have a 30% speed increase, and the slash itself should be wider. In it’s current state, the air slash skill is basically useless and I think that buffing it a little would make fighting much more interesting.

A bit nit picky here, but this is more feedback than idea.

I don’t have experience with the skill, but I can see a faster and wider attack would make things more interesting, maybe not as much of a speed increase, but the air stab (I swear I remember someone doing a air slash with a stab motion and getting a spear of air shot out) go much faster, so you either use a wide attack for cornering enemies or a fast one if you have good enough aim.

I only hate the way how it aim, the biggest problem of the current air slash to me isn’t how weak it is, is how inconvenient it is and how rare you can find a chance to really put it in action instead of plan to use it just so it looks cool.
It is also a very stationary skill, since the trigger orb will not follow you, in many circumstances of real combat for both pve or pvp, you may just end up run closer and do a ground smash instead, because it is way more intuitive and convenient.


Tbh I only use it to show off

Being a PvP player myself, the skill is basically useless considering the fact that one can teleport faster than it and almost walk faster. I think a speed increase is important