Alternatives for Blacksmith, Carpenter, ect (PvP)

I think the main issue with the PvP server, is once you’ve killed someone you will never be using any crafting areas ever again.

So let’s talk about this issue. First off, I love the idea of killing having major consequences. In this case, if you are labeled a murderer or bandit, most if not all of the town will hunt you down forever. However, the biggest issue is that you’ll never make it out of the Blacksmith or any other crafting area alive… Which ultimately leads to people quitting. I’ve heard multiple towns are in the works and if that’s true, then it helps! I was suggesting having more areas to do crafting. This way if people are being hunted and need to craft, they have better odds of doing so.

I love the risk feeling of the PvP server and honestly would love to give bandits a chance.

I see where your coming from, and I think an extra carpentry bench would be nice, but the small amount of lore we have says that the forge is ancient technology that we don’t understand and therefore can’t replicate.