Basically, the feature of being able to have your limbs cut off and to cut off enemies’ limbs in combat with a sharp weapon.

Core concept
If you get an arm cut off in combat, obviously you can’t use it, and if you get your hand that’s holding a weapon cut off you’d drop it, and the same goes for if you cut off an enemy’s weapon hand. Maybe it’d regen once combat is over and something like 30 seconds goes by, or maybe if medical items like healing potions are implimented those would help.

Personal twist (optional)
Devs have said gore won’t ever be a part of the game, so for the animation, I’d say the disintegration one used when something breaks would work.

Instead of get cut off, I think they become injured and disabled is more fit to this game’s style or direction.
So, when a single part of you/ a limb took enough damage, it starts to flashing red, and item that was holding in this arm or hand will drop, and this particular limb will lose it’s interaction to objects for a timer same as how moving speed cripple works.


Basically the crippling system in the fallout games, could be cool and make the combat system more dynamic!


I sense a “pvp hardcore combat-realism” server request coming…


I certainly agree that instead of amputation it should be something like what the other replies have suggested.


It would be funny if they still had normal respawning so you can get limbs back from dying, either that or if you die on the server you die in real lif- I mean you can’t play the server anymore.

Healers would be highly sought after.

Yeah, if you have a missing arm that might be a bit too gory (though it might also be pretty rad), would have some problems with how your real life arm doesn’t match with your non existent arm and the crippled limbs could more realistically recover, while a missing one would only make sense to heal from some advanced spell or potion and at that point it would be easier to die and respawn than to do that.

I just realized that having an arm off or even just a limp arm would be quite disorienting and take away some immersion. I don’t think amputation or any sort of limb crippling would be good.

I think you could keep the arm in the same place, it just is too damaged to support the weight of something in the hard or really hold onto anything, but you could still move it around.

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Yes, what @Edit just said is what I meant.
There could be certain indicator as flashing color or glow to show that arm is disabled to be interact to other objects, but it still moves with your controller motion, otherwise it would create certain vr sickness for some people if it just hanging there.

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If you mean sickness like motion sickness no, but if you mean like the kind of sick you get when you see something gory sure.

I think maybe if there was blood on the limb, so it’s a bit blooded, it wouldn’t really be gory, but it also wouldn’t be weirdly glowing, though that might not work for people that have full red sleeves and hands, but I don’t think that comes up often.

There is the problem that it might be really annoying to have the item drop from the hand, but at the very least a system where the bloodied arm still holds on to the item, but you can’t effectively swing a sword, pull back a bow sting/hold a bow steady or cast a spell. Out of all of those making it so you can’t swing a sword would be the hardest, but I don’t think it would be that hard as you just have it so the wrist dysyncs a little with the IRL one so swinging would become flailing.