An easier market system

Markets are annoying if one or two people steal everyone of them so, why not change the markets entirely?

How I think they should work is it has a switch which moves an offer up or down so, not many stalls are taken by one or two the stalls can have 5-10 offers so, not many stalls are taken at a time and maybe a starter price to own a stall then 24 coins to have it for a 24 hour period but only for 24 hours a day but add up to 12 more.

This is an idea I came up with when talking with someone about the stalls and how annoying it was.

Why not just have a limit to the number of stalls a person can rent at once? 2 or 3 maybe. I don’t think the stalls themselves need a revamp.

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The problem is sometimes a lot of stall are being used and there just aren’t enough and sometimes the stall are only all used because there is someone using a lot of them (so forcing a player to only be able to use three might just mean most stalls are unused.)