Angry chickens should not be spawning inside the town anymore

I get that we are coming in to an abandoned, ruined town that is slightly overrun with the local fauna. and i get that the chicken meat is one of the most nutritious basic food sources right there in town for people to start off with. And i also realize that you have to be trying really hard on purpose to be actually killed by one of them so they arent an actual threat. But after about the first week in town they become an aggravating nuisance. the few spawn locations around the smithy, carpentry shop, and tavern should be disabled. My reasoning is as follows:

  • If i invite someone new to town and meet them in that central area between the carpentry shop, smithy and tavern i should be able to have a conversation in the middle of town without death chickens jumping in our faces as i try to explain the town layout and other welcome stuff

  • most people just kill them as they walk through town and leave the feathers and meat laying there anyway, so they chickens are not providing as much of a service as one might think. This also results in shitting up the main concourse with feathers, fletching, bones and rotting meat littering the most traveled areas. So our only two aesthetic choices for center of town are annoying murder bird flocks or piles of trash.

  • If all chicken spawns outside of the town center remain as is we have more than enough nearby locations at which to farm meat and feathers. We dont need them ambushing people on the steps up to the smithy or waiting at the fence by the tavern for you to come out.

Despite all of that complaining i actually like the idea of the town being overrun with the birds or even something more threatening on a newly created server. It would be cool to see something in town that resembles a nest or monster den of some kind that you can destroy to permanently rid the town of beasts so it feels like you have actually claimed the town in the name of whatever we are.

I like the idea that they can’t spawn in town, but a new server might start with some in it and if no one is walking around town then spriggulls might wander in over a good chunk of time.

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Spriggulls, yes… for some reason i can never remember their names.

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It would be neat if there was some sort of fenced area near town we could keep stocked with grass or something, and if that stays stocked, the spriggulls spawn there instead of in town. It could be over near the town hall.

id be cool with that. As long as they arent running wild in the streets id be satisfied

Would seem kind of weird, since players would just walk in massacre every single one and do it again when they respawn.

well at least all the chicken parts would be neatly piled in that little space. it might even create a situation where people start thinking its worth taking the feather gathering skill since it would create a pile of feathers over time

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As it stands, people just murder chickens all around town instead, more because they are annoying than because they needed the food, since the drops are usually left behind. At least if they were in the pens, the only people would would kill them are people actually going to farm them for food. And since it would take some kind of resource, what you’re doing is trading the time for going around town finding and killing chickens, with the amount of time it takes to gather whatever resource you use for the chicken pen.

I’d say change it from grass to something that would bait them, my main problem is it’s set up to be some kind of farming pen when it would just be a trap, so why not make it more like a trap, also grass seems a bit too cheap for having them penned up and easy to kill.

It just doesn’t sound right that you put in some grass and it magically makes them appear in the pen.

Which is why I said “we could keep stocked with grass or something”. You seem to be hung up on the grass bit; any sort of bait would do.

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Ah yeah, must have missed that, grass just gives a strong impression that it’s being used like straw for something like a nesting box.

Ya, I was thinking like a trap, but not literally a trap, because I don’t think they should be trapped. I think they should still have the freedom to roam and attack you, but the area in which they spawn gets “shrunk/moved” to a penned in area because they are “eating all the bait that you are placing there”, basically. The bait would be coal for a lantern; it would be in a dock that has a 2x or 3x limit, and if it empties, the spriggulls just start spawning around town again.

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I’m assuming

Is meant to mean it gets use up like a lantern uses coal, anyway yeah it doesn’t really need to be too confined, I’d imagine it would look like a tall fenced in area (fence that doesn’t have holes big enough they could escape from of course.) with a main gate to get in and some small spriggull sized tunnels that only allow them to enter from one way which would supposedly where the bait goes.

As for bait, I can’t remember if they eat anything besides meat, but either way that bight be a bit too expensive (though I guess you could just make it last longer), I kind of think berries would fit well as the bait.

This might be going off the rails a bit. My main problem with the town dwelling chickens is that they’re causing piles of trash drops laying around high traffic areas because people are forced to kill them as they walk through town. You guys are talking about a whole new thing for chicken wrangling but there are plenty of spawn locations to camp just outside of town if needed…

We shouldn’t have constant agro nuisance mobs spawning in the middle of the game’s primary public center at all.