Animal ears and tails (lots of polls)

The main purpose of this post is to get an idea of how the community feels about adding animal ears and tails as some kind of cosmetic or other wise to the the game in detail using polls for each topic. (though you could say any idea post is to see how the community feels about it, but I digress)

The main idea
If it isn’t apparent, the idea is to add animal ears and tails as a cosmetic or other wise that the player wears.

The reason for adding these is the same as adding any other cosmetic, customization and maybe profit)

Also there will be plenty of polls at the end of the post to gather data on how people feel about adding this to the game and if so, what people think about the different details that need to be addressed.

Placement of the ears
This is one of the big ones. Basically there are two options for the placement of the ears, on top of the head or on the sides.
Putting them on the top would promote anatomy problems and could be really weird on anything without enough hair, the ladder might look weird in it’s own right though.

Images about ear placement

This image gives a good idea of the problem, and brings up the dreaded double ears.

This image shows (near the bottom) how connecting to the side might be hard, though I think this is mostly due to the very normal human head shape.

A smaller detail, but should some ears come with horns, such as sheep ears (rams)?

Would there be ones with just horns?

While anything more than ears and tails would be both too much and a pain to add (more than ears might be) there is the question of non furry ears and tails. Would having a lizard tail be okay? (There would most likely be horns with them too) What about weird feathery ears and a feather tail?

Cosmetic or something else?
The most obvious thing to do is just make them cosmetics, be there is also the possibility of making them something that you can get with a lot of effort in the game, such as making it a race and have people go through a lot of effort to get that race.

How hard would they be to get?
This is a big one, I personally think these things shouldn’t be the easiest or cheapest thing to get so that the game isn’t just flooded with people with them, though I might be wrong about it, I just think it should be as cheap as the other stuff.

Should these take up the hat slot or something else, What about the tail?
This ties into “Cosmetic or something else?” since if it is some kind of race change, it obviously wouldn’t take up any cosmetic slot.

First, do the ears take up the hat slot, or it’s own slot?
Second, is the tail part of the ears or are they interchangeable? Maybe there is an option to turn the tail or the ears off while keeping the other?
Third, if it’s some sort of race change (mentioned in cosmetic or not) would you be able to switch between any race you unlocked or have to go through a similar process to change even back to human?

Here is the part with all the polls. Remember this is just to get an idea of how the community thinks of it, like the devs have said many times, even if an idea gets a lot of support from the community, it doesn’t mean it will be added.

First and foremost, what do you think about the idea of animal ears and tails being added to the game? (Don’t forget to vote up the main post if you like this idea)

  • I really want this in the game.
  • I’d like this game, but not if it is really hard to add into the game.
  • I don’t really care either way.
  • I wouldn’t like this in the game, but if the community really wants it, then it would be fine.
  • I really don’t want this in the game.

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What do you think about the placement of the ears?

  • Ears on the top of the head just like in my Japanese cartoons!
  • Connect them to the sides so they make sense anatomy!
  • Don’t care.

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Horns? (this poll got out of hand.) (option would be toggle) (sexual dimorphism is a thing in real life where males and females are different, means female animals rarely have horns. Look it up if you need to.)

  • No horns.
  • Optional Horns for animal (ears) that normally have them.
  • Mandatory Horns only for animal (ears) that normally have them.
  • Optional Horns for animal (ears) that normally have them and only for male body type because of sexual dimorphism.
  • Mandatory Horns only for animal (ears) that normally have them, and only for male body type because of sexual dimorphism.
  • Horns as their own slot.
  • Don’t care.

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Should there be lizard tails, feather tails and feathery ears? (mulitable choice so you can just select the ones you like)

  • Feather tails.
  • Feathery ears.
  • Lizard tails.
  • None.
  • Don’t care.

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Should they be cosmetics?

  • Normal cosmetics like everything else.
  • Reward in game.
  • Don’t care.

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Hard to get/costly? (multiple choice poll)

  • Costly if it’s a cosmetic in the store.
  • Normal priced if it’s a cosmetic in the store.
  • Hard to to get if not a cosmetic. (Late game)
  • Not too hard to get if not a cosmetic. (Mid game)
  • Don’t care.

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Should they take up slots? (multiple choice poll)

  • New slot for ears and tails
  • Hat slot for ears (and tails if they are the same item).
  • Tie it to a race option that can’t be changed easily.
  • Ears and tails should be separate items (and tails).
  • Ears and tails should be part of the same item (and tails).
  • Don’t care.

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That was a pain to put up, with all the polls, hope I didn’t miss anything.

Why did I make this?

Because I made it as a half joke suggestion and it got tons of support

Edit: New polls!

Animal noses?

  • Animal nose comes with the item or race.
  • Optional animal nose.
  • No animal nose.
  • Don’t care.
  • Either have all of them have noses, or none.

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How many races/item sets should there be? (one would mean there is only one cosmetic with animal ears and tails (or one race if it’s a race)

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4-6
  • Lots.
  • Don’t care.

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Feathery ears??? Wut? Anyway, i voted in your polls even though i dont take a big stance on whether or not these are in the game. It could be cool to have 1 alternate race (still fairly human though) but not WoW status. Also one more thing, if youre gonna let me have the ears, i gotta have the nose.

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Thanks for the feedback, didn’t think about a little animal nose, thought that seems like it would be harder to add since it would change the model of the head.

You can see what I mean by feather ears by looking at the first image.

Also it might have been good to have a poll to see how many people would be interested in it being only one race or very few.

And thanks for voting!


Oh i see how the feathers aren’t really “feathers”, they are like ears that have the tiny fibers like feathers do.

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Horns? Yeah I’d like to be satan

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I honestly think that the effort and processing power should be put into smoother gameplay instead.

Please no animal ears.

Agreed. At least no “real” animal ears, please. Maybe just one “cat ear headband” cosmetic piece, but do we really need multiple styles with/without horns/feathers/scales etc? I don’t think we need any of that.

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No that’s even worse

How is a single cat-ear cosmetic even worse than having the whole lot? Don’t quite get the logic of that.

oop I misread, I thought you were saying make them headbands instead of race things

Quick question, what do you mean by “no ‘real’ animal ears”? I can see it’s doesn’t mean actual head bands, but are you referring to the idea of it being a race? Or something to do with the anatomy? I’m guess the former, but I’m interested in what you meant.

Well I think one set of animal ears and horns on their own at least would be good, maybe a lizard tail since that would cover a good variety, but I do agree that we don’t need a ton of kinds, it even would be better to start out with one to get a real idea of how wanted they are.

Can confirm, death is preferable to head bands.

I agree that this should be in no way put above optimizations, but I don’t think these would actually be more of a load on the processing power than normal cosmetics would and I’m pretty sure cosmetics and optimizing the game is handled by different staff members, so it wouldn’t cut into optimization, directly or otherwise.

Yeah, horns them self would but fun.

Also, having half of the town people turn into town furries would be too big compromise against integrity of the original design concept.

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That is a more compelling argument, and I did address that in the main post about making the items harder to get/cost more to buy so that less people would have them, but I’m not sure it’s out of line with the original design, unless you don’t mean thematically and instead mean that their weren’t any animal ears in it, which you would be right on. (Or that you mean most of them having animal ears would do that, which I would agree on.)

It’s one of those cosmetics that would be fun to add, but wouldn’t be good if everyone had it, kind of like having all the races besides human being picked in an MMO. I think it would need a healthy mix of people that would have it and wouldn’t which would work better the larger the community gets.

First this is a old post, second, it’s not a “we hate furries” community, it’s more this universe already got it’s races (Hebios, Kolmui, Architects and Township), so beast people are not a part of that universe.

Yeah kinda notice late the time this was made. But alrighty ^^ if ofcs ame is being made based on fully roleplay aspect and wanna keepy it to spexific races then its a valid point if they dont want to add cosnetic that ruins the universe then ^^ sorry for asuming things

Sadly, Alta will not add these kinds of cosmetics. I do wish cat ears was a thing, but as they have stated they are sticking close to a specific aesthetic.

Yeah, the main part of the post was to get the community’s opinion on it, but personally if it was added I’d prefer it to make sense in game. I’d rather still have the rule that we don’t have cosmetics that fit in game then have these kinds of cosmetics, too many cosmetic systems will just add what ever the player will buy.

Since they say they want to keep the township human (or what ever it was) then most likely yes, there is still a slim chance for systems where players evolve into other kinds of races with these things, but it’s quite unlikely.

very very unlikey

Yes, exactly that.