Another magic post

Introducing the Magic Book

I heard that the developers don’t want the most common use of magic with mana or cooldowns, so i came with up this idea thinking of that condition and how it fit ATT.

We first start off with the Magic Book that is made with 2 pieces of leather for the front and back, the spine is a metal plate and 3 leather straps that goes over the spine to connect the front and back.

You can fill the Magic Book with pages, those pages are the source of your magic, you make them with alchemy in a Sorcerer Tower. Pages got 3 tiers, the higher the tier the more/rarer resources it needs but also giving it a bigger effect. To make pages you need crystals to power the alchemy device, tier 1 pages don’t need crystals to make them, but tier 2 needs 5 and tier 3 needs 10.

You can store a amount of spells in your book depends on what metal plate you used.
Copper: 5 pages > Iron: 10p > Gold: 15p > Red Iron: 20p > Silver: 25p > Electrum: 30p > Palladium: 35p > Mythril: 40p > Viridium: 45p > Valyan: 50p

You can only use a page 1 time and then it’s gone and to use a spell you rip out the page and your hand gets imbued with magic and you can fling it to a enemy/friend or touch your chest to cast it on you or touch the book to return the spell.

Some page crafting examples:
1 Flint + 5 dried grass = tier 1 fire spell
10 Flint + 20 wood = tier 2 fire spell
1 Dynamite + 50 coal= tier 3 fire spell
But there are some special pages that don’t got tiers like:
Mushroom + feather + dynamite = fireworks in the colour of the mushroom
Easter egg (or any event item) + feather + dynamite = fireworks in the form of the event item (random colour or add a mushroom for that colour)

Also in PvP, shields can block magic spells but take a heavy hit on durability.

Oh, so to get good spells, you need to be a miner? Yeah… No.

The game basically already requires you to go mining, it shouldn’t be even more necessary.

Magic should be a craft that is separate from the others, requiring players to put time and effort into it earning it specifically, instead of time and effort into another profession.


I like this idea of magic a lot, I would love to use a grimoire and have brought up the idea of using them as one type of magic in the past as well.