Archery Abilities and XP

So after a bunch of grinding I got the ability Holy Arrow on the PvP server, and wasn’t quite satisfied with it not taking out a player with full heart flowers, so I decided to look into picking up double shot, and maybe even triple shot to see the damage. The thing was that when using Holy Arrow, the arrows have no drop off, so you can snipe from pretty far away, but the extra arrows from double/triple shot still have have drop off. Don’t know if that is intentional, but I do think that it would work better for the extra arrows to have the same flight path as the Holy Arrow, other wise one arrow goes straight and the others drop to the ground. Another thing was the amount of effort you have to put into archery compared to other professions. Leveling up enough to get Holy Arrow and Double Shot took a ridiculous amount of time compared to the Warrior skill tree, definitely over 1000 arrows, and the worst part is picking them back up so that the servers don’t lag. Kinda feel like it needs to be tweaked because at the moment I don’t really think that the amount of time you have to put into archery to get Holy Arrow is worth it, and I can definitely see how on PvE severs, getting any more than one skill point into archery is a bit of a waste, as Valyan arrows will one shot wyrms with Quick Shot level one. Also as of right now, the effects for Holy Arrow and Multi-shot don’t appear where they should, but I think that once that bug is out of the way, the effect for Holy Arrow needs to be tuned down a bit. It looks amazing, but I think it may be a bit to blinding to try and aim with, especially at night time.

I’m still pretty new so don’t know all the specifics, but I can confirm that levelling archer feels a lot more arduous than other skills. I’ve got almost halfway to warrior level 1 without EVER intentionally melee-ing anything; I guess I’m accidentally poking Sprigulls with arrows when they jump at me. Meanwhile, my archery is BARELY past halfway to getting level 1, when I’m actively TRYING to level it up. I’ve got woodcutter to level 2 in the same time.
Maybe there’s a “perfect” way to shoot to get more xp per shot/hit the same way that wood-chopping clearly has on perfect strikes, but I don’t know it. Headshots?
Also … before I decide which to get, the level 1 sniper skill takes a full 6 seconds to charge!? While the quickshot skill is instant. Does it actually do appropriately massive damage (more than quickshot) for THAT much delay?

At this moment it’s still the same, very hard to level up archery and im more level in meelee even when i mainly use bow’s, most of the time it’s even slower because arrows dont hit and you need to recover them

Just make some of your own arrows with red feather fletchings. They should be perfectly accurate (as long as you are too) but yeah, it’s still a massive grind. Also… the skill for picking up arrows with the magic pouch is very unfairly placed. you either need the feather pickup skill first, and let’s be honest, who ever actually needs that? Or you need to go all the way through the quickshooter line and loop over to it. :frowning: Could be a LOT nicer if the arrow-pickup magic bag and the feather one swapped places?

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The main issue is that arrows most of the time go through the enemy and land behind, not accuracy, without clean hit or sparks (so you dont level up) while other weapons do 4-5 hits, i cant even get Clean hits consistently with tribal arrows, only with rusty

Yeah, that is a good point. It’d be nice if “clean” hits were a thing. Or even extra xp based on range from target or some other factors, as I’ve said before. Pre-alpha though, after all :slight_smile: so let’s be hopeful for the future.

Not only is it dofficult to actualy grind exp when it comes to archery, but it feels like they do next to no damage. This may just be because I’m a quest player, but it seems like archery never works when it comes to pvp. This is really disapointing because archery is pretty much the only ranged combat a person can have so if a person wants to do any damage at all, they have to go melee.

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