Archery arrow collection skill replacement

replace the archery feather pickup and arrow pickup with something more useful

the feather pickup is pretty much the most useless skill in the entire game. you will not need to pick up feathers in that big a quantity like you would ore or wood wedges. I suggest adding the shake bag to collect arrows into the feather skill, similar to how you can pick up wedges, sticks, and arrow shafts in a single skill for the woodcutter skill tree. the skill which would be above this (where bag shake to pick up arrows used to be) can be replaced with a more convenient way of collecting shot arrows.
the skill could be replaced with arrows being automatically picked up if the player is holding the shaken bag and walking near the arrows, where the player does not need to drop the bag to pick up the arrows. (hold bag of arrows, shake the bag, stand next to dropped arrows, dropped arrows go into the bag, no need to drop the bag) this makes it much easier to collect spent arrows, and might be worth the two skill points required to use it.

As an archer I’d like this

How about then as a skill that if you hold up a quiver it will pick up all arrows in a X radius for as long as your holding it up ?

It will only grab the ones that match