Archery draw distance

I get the sense the archery max draw distance was designed by people with long arms. For me, I have to extend my bow arm straight out, and move my right hand about a foot behind my head to reach the limit. I’ve gotten pretty used to shooting at about 80% power, but now I am finding the archery skills that are based on pulling to the limit. I would very much like something that addresses this issue for short players.

I posted this in another topic, but I think its a good idea, and an important one for accessibility. So I am upvoting this topic as well and posting my idea for fixing this issue in this topic as well purely for visibility. Hopefully more people see these posts and upvote them. The draw distance is indeed a real problem.

"The draw distance is a real problem and is purely an accessibility issue that should again be addressed like many of the other accessibility features that have recently been included.

I do not know how difficult this would be to implement, but you could include a new archery workstation that would be thematically appropriate that allows users to adjust the draw distance of their bows before they achieve full strength.

Insert bow, turn a dial to tighten or loosen the bow. Grab bow, test it. Put it back in, Adjust. Dial in for your personal body size and physical ability.

Bows could be identified for their settings based on tick marks at the end of the bow or some such.

Fits the games themes and allows bows to be more accessible to people who are incapable of the current extreme draw length.

Edit: if such a workstation is eventually included. I think it should come pre-built as this is again a matter of accessibility so as not to limit the use of bows to people will full ranges of motion."

This one’s a really big issue for me. In archery, you anchor the string to your cheek to aim before letting go, so pulling the string behind your head and not having an anchor point makes archery feel bad to use imo. Making the drawback length shorter and arrows shorter would make archery more realistic and would make it feel better to use. A solution for the skills could be to have them activate if the hand pulling the string is near your head + having the string pulled back 75% or more.

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You’d think having the hand closer to the headset would make for a simple, easy to detect max draw distance?

If they ever do make this change, I’d imagine slightly increasing the arrow release noise would make sense, given the cheek proximity.

Just gotta make sure you don’t clip the headset with controllers between arrows/pulling lol