Archery skills Feedback

So I started playing this game earlier this week and I gave archery a try. I have been having issues, sometimes I can defeat an Oak Gotera with two shots using an oak bow and hebios arrows and other times it takes 6+. I don’t know if this is a hit detection issue, server lag, or some mechanic that isn’t explained in game. I am clearly hitting the enemies as they look like pincushions and I collect all my arrows in a pile after they die.

I had some issues with the quick draw and bullet skills. The timing window for quick draw is extremely small, and I have not yet found a way to aim my shot before loosing my arrow. I feel that the skill floor for this might be a bit high, I rarely get it to trigger and when I do I miss even close targets. I think giving the player half a second longer to activate this skill would greatly improve the feel, right now it feels like a waste of a skill point.

My issue with the bullet skill was the light effect is difficult to see past at night, and I seemed to get extremely erratic flight paths from my arrows when using the skill. I hadn’t seen arrows fly in that manner prior to slotting the skill and even after doing so I noticed that shots fired without the skill flew just fine.

I wanted to update this, I switched to a walnut bow and my first impression is the timing on quick draw feels a bit better, though the server had some lag when I was testing so I am hesitant to say it doesn’t need a little larger window to activate.