Armor for characters

I think armor should be added to the game so if you go into the mines you don’t die the twist is there are many types so there would be different levels so perhaps you have some valym laying around you can make you some sick armor but if you have some silver it wont be as good.

Armour was, and will be again. Don’t worry, they know, they’re on it. :slight_smile:


According to Joel, we probably won’t get armor for a while. It’s unnecessary, and causes issues with the likes of cosmetics.


Makes sense. Why create all these nice cosmetics and then cover them up? Perhaps there will be a solution in the future, but for now, we’re hardly suffering without it. x


A few folks have suggested only having armor appear in combat… But that’s not a fantastic solution.


maybe cosmetics could go above the armor (surcoat, monastic scapula, tabard)
i would point to this video to explain the diference betwin those items “what tabard aren’t”
cosmetic could also be engravings in armors, inlays and padding color there is a ton of things you could do to keep armor apperent but giving it a custom look.