Arrow gathering skill revision

Hello! Just some quick thoughts on how to improve the gathering skills and what I would like to see as an archer main.

The two gathering skills are currently competing with the net, which literally every player has, and currently the only thing the archery gathering skills have going for them is the arrow one can collect arrows shot into surfaces where the net cannot.

Seeing as how besides that small boon, the net is just objectively better even with a considerable buff to the skills, I’m proposing:

  1. Allow the skill to be activated by shaking and throwing your quiver since nobody ever has a bag of arrows. This has the benefit of being much more convenient, and puts you at a disadvantage so it’s risky to use it in the middle of a fight.

  2. At least quadruple the radius of the pick up zone as it appears to be something like 5 feet, which isn’t even enough to pick up all the arrows from one fight if you’re kiting an enemy. I lose so many arrows in bushes in the forest and rocks/floor in the caves because the arrows end up in places the net can’t reach.

With these buffs, I would gladly sink two points into it to have the arrow gathering quality of life improvements.

Agreed this update would at least make those skills worth while to take.

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Apparently I did a terrible job of searching because TaiterTotz said something quite similar back in January. Bow users and arrow pick up

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for even more convenience, a third skill to recall all of your shot arrows. At this point a hefty investment for a substantial reward.