Arrows Disappear from Quiver

Description: Arrows disappear from quiver - Had an issue today. Spent an hour putting together 90 crystal arrows and stored them in a Quiver on my belt. Did some cooking. Then shot a Spriggul with one arrow. Went to pull another out, but could not (just nothing happened, like I was pulling at air). I saw a visible bunch of arrows in the quiver, so I pulled it out and removed a bag - except the bag was blank. Still saw a bunch of arrows in the quiver, so I picked up the arrow I fired and put it back in. Now the Quiver is only showing 1 arrow. 89 arrows (a good amount of time’s work) just disappeared… and I don’t have the crystal, feathers, shafts to remake them. :frowning:

Screenshot shows the blank bag, which I cannot get rid of, won’t store in backpack or quiver. Tried re-logging - no impact.

Reproduction Steps: Make 90 arrows, muck around for a bit, try to draw more than 1 arrow — Big Loss :frowning:

Server: My Private Quest Server

Time: Approx 1500-1600 EST

Dicord Username: Thorn

Please attach your game log files as a zip to this post. — not sure how to do that w/ Quest