ATT needs Proper Game Physics

Township Tale is a great game with mechanics that puts most comparisons to shame. It is kind of a pain though when you drop your ax while running and it slides across the ground like butter, your backpack flies in the wind as though there isn’t anything weighing it down (Yeah forget that valyan great axe just lying in there, backpack go weeeeeeee) The game needs physics.

Ok, issue 1 is friction. When you dropped an item while running, the item will continue to slide across the ground. Perhaps the weight of an item would correspond to how far is flies. Like an weapon or a cauldron would stop on the ground maybe moving a few “inches” across the floor.
Issue 2, If items affect our movement speed then gravity should affect them when they’re out of hand or inventory. Heavier items should simply ‘thud’ on the ground while lighter items would bounce a bit.
Issue 3, Whenever you’re running and holding a backpack, they like to fly everywhere is pleases like wind chimes in the gust of a tornado. This would make sense if the backpack was empty but if you have 68 bars of copper in there I doubt that you or the backpack would be able to move the way it should. Maybe the heavier the backpack is, the less it would fly. Please, I don’t want to let go of my main backpack—cuz I don’t trust people—and the barrel pack I made for transporting water is upside down dumping it’s contents!
I really hope this gets the attention of someone.