Audio bug: fire sounds remains sometimes

Description: I noticed, that sometimes the fire audio effect would remain where the fire was before, like for example after a torch went out, the fire sound effect remained in the position, where the fire was the last time. Didn’t notice if it always happened.

Reproduction Steps: I had a stick and flint hatchet/axe with torch at the top aswell. Light it up, maybe chop some wood or other things. No idea what precisely caused the bug, so these are the moments where I noticed it.

Server: A Round Table

Time: 24th 09 2021 all day (German time)

Dicord Username: Norok Vokun#9580

Please attach your game log files as a zip to this post.
(Can not attach files due to being a new user, please simply pm me in discord and I will provide the log archive/zip there as soon as I see the message.)