Automatic Prices

When loading items into the trade deck, the trade deck automatically sets it’s to a recommended retail price and amount per sale according to a preset amount either set by the Devs or via the dashboard commands for a more personalised server.

Core concept
The price an amount per purchase is recommended but of course changeable, the idea being that if the recommended price is favoured it will add value to the economy plus gives players an idea of an items value, even if the player doesn’t stick the price/amount it would still influence the value of all items in the game.

This would be a relatively simple feature to implement and could help influence the worth of the monetary system, and give new players a rough idea of what’s worth what, so to speak.

Players set the value, like if you are on a server with barely anyone that goes mining the prices of ores and ingots will be high, while on the other hand if you are on a server were a good chunk of the players are miners the prices of ores and ingots will be low.
Same with the forest some wood types can be very rare on one server while common on another server and this is the idea the dev’s want to push with future areas.

If you don’t know the value of something ask players on the server,

You are referring to supply and demand, which dictates prices, however the point of price suggestions is just to help encourage players to keep prices fairly consistent, which in turn adds value to coins and in particular, items. It would make things more exciting to find a green leather roll when you know it’s worth a particular price, whether they go higher or lower than that can still depend on the market of course but give a higher chance of fetching a fair price.

A recommended price will give players an idea of were to start, without having to ask about for every item, which can be tedious and sometimes even inconvenient.

Bespoke items crafted weapons etc, wouldn’t have prices suggested as this would be difficult to implement, but raw materials would be relatively easy.
Anyway just an idea.