Backpack theft and prevention

Getting your bag stolen after accidentally dropping it for a second is all too common and incredibly discouraging.

I propose a 5 or so second timer that counts down after your bag is dropped, and only after that timer runs out is your bag free to be stolen.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, have a good day.

I fully agree with this proposition. we have had incidents where (new problem) new troll players will “ask” for a build item, and just before the victim places their bag back on their back, the troller will put their bag on the victim’s back, forcing the victim to drop their bag, ready to be stolen.

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This may have been what happened to me before I made the original post. I initially thought my controllers weren’t working properly because my headset battery was low but now I’m not sure.

I really hope the devs implement some sort of fix for that problem. Once again I’m citing my backpack timer idea but I’d be glad if any other solution came about, as long as it stops this kind of theft.

Oh and I think the risk of having your things stolen is fun but not when you have to watch your back every time you walk into town as if it’s Detroit or something because it’s so easy to be stolen from and you can’t do anything about it if you’re on a sever with no inventory drop on death.

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